Conference Venue

1 Dimokratias Ave., 85100
RHODES, Greece

Rhodes Map

The Rhodes map shows the location of the conference venue, the University of the Aegean, and various landmarks and places of interest in the surrounding area.

The University of the Aegean - Conference Venue



About Rhodes

The conference is to be held on the campus the of the University of the Aegean in Rhodes, in recently restored buildings built during the time when Rhodes was a part of Italy. The campus is located just outside the massive medieval walls of the old city.

The world heritage listed old city of Rhodes is the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe. Layers upon layer of history are evident at every turn. Founded in 400BC, the foundations of the classical Greek city are to be seen at various points. Most striking, however, are the gothic buildings of the Crusader knights who settled in Rhodes after they were expelled from Jerusalem in 1309. They were conquered by the Turks in 1522, who remained in control until 1912. Rhodes still has a Muslim quarter and an active mosque from this period. The Italians held Rhodes from 1912, and it became part of Greece again in 1947. All these cultural influences are still palpable today in the fabric of this beautiful city, a cosmopolitan meeting point between East and West for two and a half millennia.

Rhodes is also an island of warm sunshine, sandy beaches and charming villages. Regular ferries travel to the other islands of the Dodecanese, as well as to nearby Turkey.